Sunday, October 5, 2008


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Lou G said...

Hi Ray,
After briefly meeting you at the con on Saturday, I finallly got to check out your website.
What I saw looks good. I'll bookmark it...
I like the comics, but they seem to be scanned at a strange resolution... Like they are pixelated somehow?

Anyway, also thanks for the "Fit2Print" minicomic.

Have you ever done "Hourly Comic Day"... Your semiautobiographical thing reminded me of that...

I had a table in the back of the con in the "Creative Commons" area. I had pretty good traffic and sold some books posters and sketches. How did you do?

What other cons are worth attending around this area? I've exhibited at Chicago Comicon and in Toronto before, but havent' really looked for other good shows.

Keep up the good work!