Sunday, October 18, 2009

Party Guests

The guests at Norm's party are:
From Wasted Potential: Amy, Bill, Paul, Dawg, June, Alex, Tina, Amanda, Norman and Eileen Burns, and Braddock.
Hiding in the background is Irving McKenzie, from my earlier comic series Dr. Bob and Irving.
Other people's characters attending:
Tim Kelly's Zook and Max
Mike Carroll's "Accidentals"--Burn, Blow, Dirt, and Drip
Charles Darwin as seen in Jay Hosler's The Sandwalk Adventures
Pam Bliss' Radiation Man
Kel Crum's Ed Thudd and Cornelia
Greg Hyland's Lethargic Lad
Larned Justin's Charlie Chong
Brien Wayne Powell's Magnet Man
Matt Feazell's Cynicalman
Matt Wyatt's Buck Trenz
Bob Corby's Mike Blues
Erik Hodsen's Chad the Fat Kid

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